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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 21, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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makeup over an inconsequential teenage boyfriend. too late to friend a one time rival. >> that's all for now, i'm ann curry. for all of us here atl right now at 11:00, major develops. are celebrating in the trees and u.s. and nato forces say they've played a role in the move. we'll have a report from trivoli. the violence at candlestick last night at the 49ers and raiders game is being condemned on both sides of the bay. we'll have an update on the condition on two the most severely injured victims. plus the lawyer for the two american hikers sentenced to eight years in prison in iran announces his next plan to try to free the two. the news starts right now. good evening, i'm diane dwyer on this sunday night and we begin with developing news
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out of libya, where it appears rebels have one control of tripoli from moammar gadhafi. president obama's national security team is reportedly keeping him updated on the situation while he's on vacation and tonight the president is calling on gadhafi to give up his power. he released this statement just a few hours ago. the president said, "the surest way for the bloodshed to end is simple, moammar gadhafi and his regime need to recognize that their rule has come to an end. he needs to relinquish power once and for all." the situation in libya is changing in the moment and richard engel is in tripoli and filed this report just hours ago. >> reporter: post-era gadhafi is ending. people have come out of their homes to celebrate. we've seen fireworks in the sky after a battle today unlike any other in this conflict. it is a march on tripoli. rebels hope it is a walk to freedom from 42 years of moammar
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gadhafi's dictatorship. on the highway to tripoli from the west, some rebels carry flags. others drive in cars and trucks all armed, all excited. the rebels fan out look for the snipers in a nearby orchard and buildings. they don't find them. with a front line this fluid, this uncertain the rooted are just patched up by the roadside or rushed back to hospitals miles away. but today we also saw victories as the rebels capture new territory they rescue some of their own. these men were prisoners taken by gadhafi's troops. disoriented and bedraggeled freed moments ago after dark days and dark cells. gadhafi says he's still in tripoli and urgently calls on his supporters to defend him. and a libyan state tv anchor holds a gun as she vows never to give up her station to the
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rebels. it's a different fight now as gadhafi faces a wave of revolution. what we are hearing from people here over and over is that they historic day. [ speaking in native tongue ] >> free, free. >> reporter: he said today we live in freedom. that something that we are hearing over and over again. people are saying, god is great. they are just thankful. they are thankful that this day has come and now a new future may be beginning for libya. >> all right that was richard engel reporting. and earlier today rebels claim they captured moammar gadhafi's son who was a top leader in the regime. american and nato officials also said late tonightta they provided aerial surveillance over tripoli for the rebels as they moved in. san francisco police are still looking for the people responsible for sending three men to the hospital during separate incidents at the 49ers and raiders game at candlestick park last night and as police search for more witnesses and evidence city officials and sports fans are speaking out about the rash attacks of last
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night's game between the two bay area rivals. nbc bay area's kimberly teri is at san francisco hospital. >> reporter: twoft three men are still hospitalized here at san francisco general, and police say their conditions have improved from critical to now serious. >> reporter: a game between the san francisco 49ers and the oakland raiders turned violent as some fans turned on each other. >> i think it's sad. i think it's horrible that there has to be violence especially when we're trying to maybe share a stadium and to get along. >> reporter: this is the second time in less than five months sports fans in california have gotten into major scuffles. in march san francisco giants fan bryan stow was severely beaten outside of dodgers stadium after opening day. saturday night as a preseason game was letting out, police say two men were shot. it's not known if the shootings are connected. a 24-year-old man was shot in
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the abdomen multiple times, despite his injuries, which police say are life threatening, he was able to drive his truck to gate "a" and find security for help. another man in his 20s was also injured in the shooting near lot "v," police say he is not seriously injured. during the game several fights also broke out. this is video posted on youtube that shows one of the brawls outside the stadium that lasted for several minutes. there is also youtube video of a fight in the stands that drew onlookers, but police say the most vicious assault happened in a men's rest room where a 26-year-old san rafael man was beaten unconscious. suffering severe head trauma. sports fans on both sides of the bay say the violence is unfortunate and needs to stop. >> i think they're losing their fans with nothing else going on in their lives and they come to the games and bring their, you know, sorry mentality with them and cause violence on are people, it's just -- i don't know what it is. it's going too far i think. >> there's no reason for a sport
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to have so much violence when you just look at sport. so to me it seems like bigger issues going on culturally, systemically, economically. >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee and oakland mayor jean quan other than both at saturday's game. it says "violence will not be tolerated in either of our stadiums. our fans come to our stadiums to enjoy an afternoon of football, not to be subjected to intimidation or violence." >> reporter: san francisco police are not making any comments on this case today, only to say they're still investigating and also looking for witnesses. so if you saw anything unusual at last night's game you are asked to call police. you can also text them with a tip at tip411. that's tip411. live at san francisco general tonight, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the update, kimberly. the lawyer for those two uc-berkeley graduates who were sentenced to eight years in prison in iran this weekend
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announced today that he does plan to appeal the decision and there is still a possibility the two could be set free soon. uc-berkeley graduates josh fa fattal their family and friends and many experts assumed to time served and released. after two years behind bars that turned out to not be the case and then there was speculation that perhaps they would be released as a symbolic gesture during the muslim holy month of ramadan. with ten days of ramadan remaining that could still be the case and tonight bay area muslims celebrating ramadan shared their thoughts. >> in general in iran people have more sense of more mercy, forgiveness and kindness and generosity so perhaps those attributes maybe would think during this time there would be a little bit more leniencey. >> bauer and fattal, we appeal to the authorities in iran to show compassion and allow them to return home to our families
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without delay. oakland congresswoman barbara lee released this statement. senator diane feinstein is officially supporting san francisco mayoral candidate ed lee. tomorrow the senator's expected to join lee on a visit to chinatown. feinstein has long been a supporter of lee before he was a candidate. lee is the latest person to join the race, just 16 candidates in all are running for mayor. many people have criticized lee's decision to run, though. if you remember when ed lee agreed to finish gavin newsom's term he promised that he would not run for mayor, however he said he changed his mind and has pledged not to accept public financi financing. yet another b.a.r.t. protest is scheduled for tomorrow. more than 200 people put on a facebook page. meantime, b.a.r.t. lead verse issued a letter to its riders
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defending the decision to shutdown cell phone service earlier this month. the decision came after this protest last month, it disrupted 96 trains at the height of rush hour on july the 11th. when leaders learned protesters planned to use cell phones. the safety of b.a.r.t. passengers and personnel. but many critics say b.a.r.t. overstepped its boundaries by shutting down cell phone service, so now b.a.r.t. has decided to hold a public meeting on wednesday to discuss the decision. but again a reminder there is a protest scheduled for tomorrow due to start at 5:00 at civic center station in san francisco. right now we want to check in with rob mayeda. >> we're tracking two of them. one of them you will notice come tuesday. right now low clouds back over san francisco. 57 degrees. but the two weather patterns we're seeing, are starting to come together. it'll be impacting our weather. first some tropical moisture that's to the south.
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that may impact us towards the middle part of the week and steering that moisture our way is that desert southwest high building closer to the bay area. this will lead to some warmer temperatures come tomorrow but especially by tuesday, we'll see those 90s pop up and this moisture, midlevel moisture we call it, starts to drift, gets closer to the bay area. south of santa cruz we could see a slight chance of some thunder as we head towards the middle part of the week. but that's later on. tonight and tomorrow morning you may run into some drizzle and that might slow down your morning commute. warm in the mid 90s in a few spopts we'll show you that in the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> you got it, thank you, rob. and still to come at 11:00, a sacramento couple is behind bars tonight in the bay area. accused of forcing three teenagers into prostitution. we'll show you what tipped off police to the operation. plus, they're called kids of courage. we'll show you all it took to give 150 kids with cancer a cross-country vacation.
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and the first memorial on the national mall dedicated to someone who did not serve as president opens tomorrow. we'll give you a tour. turn left. you have arrived.
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a sacramento couple is behind bars tonight on charges of forcing three teenaged girls into prostitution in south san francisco. south san francisco police arrested the couple yesterday at a hotel. officers would only say the hotel was near highway 101 and tracked the couple down after get a they a runaway girl was in the area. when they arrived officers say
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they found a 19-year-old woman and two juvenile girls along with 40-year-old menda har singh. police arrested the couple on human traffic, pimping and conspiracy. also tonight we spoke with the director of programs for the group called women escaping a violent environment and she says human trafficking is a significant problem in sacramento. >> there are many cases where husbands and wives do this together which is very sad and sometimes there's cases of other teens actually recruiting other females as well. so it's sometimes shocking in how that can start. >> the fbi currently lists sacramento as one of the top five cities in this country for teen trafficking. a program called kids of courage is helping chronically ill children throughout the country and this week some 150 youngsters took part in a nine-day adventure across this country. on the san francisco leg of the
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trip they visited six flag, discovery, kingdom, raging waters and an oakland a's game and today they went to the exploratorium in san plan. >> are you going to come back to kids of courage? >> yes. >> why's that? >> because it works. whoa! >> it took one charter plane and 500 medical volunteers to make it happen. in many cases this was the first time most of the children traveled without their parents and they look like they were having a great time. it took years to build and millions of dollars to fund and tomorrow morning the new martin luther king jr. memorial in washington, d.c. officially opens to the public. nbc's francis coe has the first look at the memorial. >> i have a dream. >> reporter: in 1963 dr. martin luther king jr. delivered his powerful, i have a dream speech owashington, d.c.'s national mall. now 48 years later, the memorial to the civil rights pioneer will be opened to the public.
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>> for the first time we will have a man of color, a man of peace nonpresident to grace the mall. >> reporter: it will honor and celebrate the life and legacy of dr. king one the leading forces and a catalyst for the civil rights movement across the country. >> overwhelmed memories. all that we've gone through and what we still have to go through? >> he's not for african-american history. he's more american history. >> reporter: situated in a line between the lincoln and jefferson memorials, the martin luther king jr. national memorial spreads across four acres. draped with cherry blossomed trees and elms. 14 of dr. king's most notable quotes are etched in granite along a 450-foot-long wall. a lasting testament to his humanitarian vision of justice, democracy, hope, and love. >> his message brought this country back together when we were about to be divided and that's why this is important for this country. >> reporter: a message and a
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life that changed the course of history for the nation now on display for others to see and celebrate. francis coe, nbc news. >> will be officially dedicated next sunday and president obama is expected to attend that ceremony. here in the bayarity elks club who wanted a new england-style clambake to raise funds for a veterans memorial that's been vandalized several times. lobsters and claus shipped from massachusetts. the memorial located on park avenue at the guadalupe river in san jose is a tribute to all veterans. the monument has been vandalized and the city needs $20,000 to restore it so the oaks club stepped in. >> well, we heard about the problems financially for the restoration project going on with the san jose veterans memorial monument. and we decided something the elks should do. >> the memorial by the way was built in 1997. and right now we want to
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check in with rob mayeda. it was actually a pretty nice day out there. not super warm but sun nesome spots. >> comfortable considering what most country has to deal this time the year, with 90s, 100s and humidity. 70s and low 80s in and now the fog is rolling back into san francisco. 57 degrees. west wind at 10, and nearby on the east side of the bay. and now the low clouds have already spilled into oakland. 62 also, also 62 in san jose. and again the south bay, we'll see those low clouds continuing to fill on in so tomorrow morning plan on misty skies and maybe drizz nel a few spots. see right now 50s and 60s. again a good healthy sea breeze is going to be good news for air quality tomorrow. no spare the air days in sight. so some of our weather headlines for tomorrow morning, once again you're going to want to dress in layers as we go through the day. a light jacket for the morning and then i think t-shirt weather for the afternoon. more 80s popping up for the inland valleys. the hottest day of the week very likely will be tuesday especially out to the tri-valley
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where we could see temperatures climbing into the mid 90s. also on tuesday and wednesday, watching for some tropical clouds. now, speaking of tropics, we have tropical storm irene, almost a hurricane at this hour. now making landfall pretty close to puerto rico with winds up to 70 miles per hour. come thursday the track of this storm now a little further to the north, eastern florida or perhaps the coastal areas here of georgia and south carolina, could be seeing a category 1 or category 2 hurricane a little bit later on in the week, so we'll be watching that very closely to our east. now we have our own tropical deck our weather. you seekd moisture moving up out of the south around a ridge of high pressure which is strengthening and that is the reason why our temperatures are going to start to warm on up. let's compared monday's afternoon highs. likely see around here come tuesday and you'll really see the 90s flaring up, south of san jose, livermore, out towards concord, things are look toasty come tuesday. tomorrow morning low clouds 50s to start day and then for the afternoon we'll see the highs in the -- eventually getting into
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the 80s tomorrow. i think the biggest difference is event of the eouo tth to the tri-valley and gumting nbers into the mid 80s for your monday afternoon and then tuesday areas south of san jose and livermore we could see mid 90s and that slight risk of thunder. we have to watch that out for things like dry lightning when you get that moisture on much to some drier air below and temperatures will rebound as we head towards next weekend. >> all righty. >> sure. >> thank you, rob. still ahead at 11:00, some bay area libraries are shutting down this tuesday. but the closure is actually intended to help your trips a bit better. plus -- >> good evening i'm lawrence scott. coming up today on "sports sunday" we've got coverage of raiders and niners training campuses and plus the marin ng ve that told m.i.t. we go insisted giants way with
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libraries throughout santa clara county are shutting down this week. all libraries will be closed on tuesday. august 23rd. and that includes online services as well. the library district will use the day to install a major technology upgrade on its computer systems. wa if you need to get to the t t un otil wednesday. we'll be right back with more un otil wednesday. we'll be right back with more news.
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the a's, however, lost at home in a close game to the blue jays. 1-0. thanks for watching nbc bay area news at 11:00. "sports sunday's" coming up next. and lawrence scott sits down with a local indycar driver who may just be one of the smartest athletes to come out of the bay area. plus, we get an inside look at the giants' way, that and so
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have a nice week.
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tonight on "sports sunday" we anchor the show with the anchors of the raiders defense. we go down the line with the men up front for the silver and black and get the beat at niners camp with an eye for the
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breakout players of the coming season. plus we go insisted giants' way, the strategic plan set in motion by the team's chief executive officer. and head to the racetrack with the kid from sausalito who told m.i.t. to wait. he had business to take care of on the indycar series. it's time to grab some gears. good evening i'm lawrence scott. we're into the second month of a new format here on "sports sunday" a focus on conversations and future stories. we're going beyond sound bites to bring you complete thoughts and we start at raiders camp in napa. >> reporter: while some members of the national defense got a unique chance this week to meet some of their nfl heroes at training camp, the raiders front line defense was concentrating on technique. the strengtf


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